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Relationships and the Cards: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift and Jake Glyenhaal's breakup, summed up in one picture

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s breakup, summed up in one picture

Jake Gyllenhaal was born on December 19th, 1980, making him a Sagittarius Monkey, Queen of hearts and 3 of hearts. He’s an actor known for his role as Donny Darko, and in Brokeback mountain.

Taylor Swift is born on December 13th, 1989, making her a Sagittarius Snake, 5 of clubs and 7 of diamonds. She’s a millionaire singer who is truly one of a kind, who has made tons of incredible music, and become remarkably successful at a very young age.

Taylor, take it from me. Never trust a Sagittarius Monkey in affairs of the heart. Just DON’T.

She wrote her entire album, RED, about their breakup. As well as the song Trouble, below.

What were their destiny card connections like? Why did they get together? And why did they fall apart?

Jake Gyllenhaal is basically a jerk. But what else?

He has a 3 of hearts as his PRC, which just means that he has lots of romantic possibilities and will probably want to explore those for the rest of his life. His connections to Taylor Swift were good. She’s his Jupiter card in the life spread. That means that he’d love to give to her. But the connection between their two birth cards makes her his pluto card. Pluto is like Saturn taken to a higher octave. She represents things that he wants for himself. She probably brought out a lot of things in him that he didn’t want to deal with. She is superior to him. And he probably couldn’t handle feeling outclassed all the time.


Not ONLY do they have this first pluto connection, she’s also pluto to his PRC, the 3 of hearts, with HER PRC, the 7 of diamonds. Talk about pushing someone’s buttons! Taylor Swift probably pushed ALL of Jake Gyllenhaals’ buttons. And he could not handle that. He couldn’t handle being around someone so obviously talented, so outgoing, so marvelous, representing everything that he wanted to be, but wasn’t yet.

She could have helped him be better. But he didn’t want to be reminded of how he could be better. He just wanted to sleep with other people. His dreamy Queen of Hearts nature makes him think that the perfect relationship is there in the distance. His neptune/neptune position in the life spread makes him completely prone to fooling himself into fantasies and dreams.

Taylor Swift is superior to him in lots of ways. She’s better off without him. All of the connections in the life spread were flowing towards her, so it would have been a fairly minor breakup if not for the fact that she’s a semi-fixed card (7 of diamonds) and changes in life are harder for her than they are for other people.

And what about the other connections? Taylor Swift’s karma cards are the 5 of hearts and the 9 of hearts.

That means she’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s venus card in the past life spread. That also means they have a nice past life mars connection between her 9 of hearts karma card and his Queen of hearts. Mars in the past life spread tends to make for great sex, not so much of the explosive arguments it causes in the life spread.

Basically, Jake Gyllenhaal is not a monogamous person. He can play at monogamy. But he hates being upstaged, and because of the 3 of hearts, likes to keep his options open. Taylor Swift, being a 5 of clubs and fairly unmarriageable herself, would have been fine with giving him room to roam, but she did want to be monogamous with him. Her 7 of diamonds makes her more marriageable, it’s a more stable card. Jake could have learned something in this relationship, and become a better person. But having that double pluto connection can be difficult for relationships to overcome.

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