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Relationships and the Cards: Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin

Ireland baldwin angel haze

Angel Haze is an incredibly talented rapper from Detroit, born July 10, 1992. They have been dating the model Ireland Baldwin, born October 23, 1995. It now looks like the couple has called it quits.

What are their Chinese astrology signs?

Angel Haze is a Cancer Monkey. This makes them very much interested in love and lovemaking- so much so that they can seem preoccupied with making sure everyone has a good time. Monkeys are also known to be chattery and as you can hear, Angel Haze’s lyrical flow is unstoppable.

Ireland Baldwin is a Libra Pig. This makes her innocent and very much loving the finer things in life, from art to music to the opera. Success is written all over her.

Do pigs and monkeys get along? Sure. To a point. Monkeys are better suited to Rats and Dragons, who love to engage in all sorts of escapades with the Monkey. Pigs need a more restful partner, so Goats and Cats do well for the cultured pig.

Cancers and Libras are not necessarily known for their compatibility. Cancers love home. Libras love to be out, talking to and being talked at by the crowd. And yet, here’s where it gets interesting.

What are their destiny card connections?

Ireland Baldwin is a Queen of Hearts, 8 of diamonds. Angel Haze is a 5 of diamonds, 7 of clubs.

This gives Ireland and Angel a nice past life mars connection, between Angel Haze’s 5 of diamonds, and Ireland Baldwin’s 8 of diamonds. This connection creates a satisfying sex life.

Angel Haze’s PRC, the 7 of clubs, also has the 8 of diamonds as a first karma card. That means they will see Ireland as a challenge, and Ireland will see Angel as a blessing. This karma card connection can make relationships difficult. But it can also keep drawing you back to a person in an inexplicable way.

As a 5 of Diamonds, even though Angel Haze is a Cancer, Angel Haze loves variety. They are always traveling, and moving house and having new experiences. They sing about all of their experiences in their songs, and rap about them too. They are a Cancer that is almost never at home.

Ireland, as a Queen of Hearts, wants a family and children, and tends to be dreamy. Do you begin to see what I see? For someone always on the go, never satisfied, and someone who wants to dream and have a stable and steady partner… this can make relationships difficult.

No wonder Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin broke up.

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